Brand value can be a difficult thing to measure because of so many factors required to bring about a realistic number. Brand value is the sum of all earnings a company’s brand is expected to generate, just the assets relating to the brand, for example iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc.

Millward Brown a market research firm, does its annual BrandZ Top 100 global survey, it found that Toyota is the top tier with $24.5 billion, which is ahead of BMW coming in at $24 billion valuation. Apple as we all know it has been the top ranking branding value at $185 billion. World’s most valuable car brands in 2013 in $ billion:

1) Toyota $24.5
2) BMW $24.0
3) Mercedes-Benz $18.0
4) Honda $12.4
5) Nissan $10.2
6) Volkswagen $8.8
7) Ford $7.6
8) Audi $5.5
9) Hyundai $4.0
10) Lexus $3.5

More and more the value of a brand is based upon patents and trademarks royalties as well as the value of the consumers of the products. Brand value or brand valuation is normally calculated based on information from surveyed consumers, who are asked to judge a brand based on qualities that are important to them (which could be bias).

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