Kate Upton is ‘furious’ Victoria’s Secret used photos of her being a brand ambassador modeling in their recent catalog as they are using her being a celebrity branding profile.

Apparently, Upton is shocked to discover that the old images of her posing in the brand’s back cover in a body bra at a beach of the lingerie celebrity branded new catalog, without her permission.

Kate, who was now 20, is seen wearing a black Body by Victoria bra on the back of the newest Victoria’s Secret catalog. Last year she was branded too ‘obvious’ looking to model their underwear in 2012, after a spokesperson Sophia Neophitou said, ‘We would never use Kate…She’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.’

Upton modeled pajamas for the brand back in 2011, when she would have been about 18, well before her Sports Illustrated fame. Apparently, the blonde bombshell is really furious. But it’s most likely that she is not entitled to take any legal action.

Victoria’s Secret probably did a “buyout” of the images they took of the model in 2011, giving the brand unlimited use of the pictures, sucks to be Kate Upton, but at least she gets her name out there in the press, click here for the full size version.

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