Celebrity branding is a type of branding, in which a celebrity becomes a brand ambassador and uses his or her status in society to promote a product, service, charity or as a promotional model. Let’s see the effects of celebrity branding as a Ryan Gosling look-a-like walks around town with a Starbucks cup.

Ryan Gosling is in Detroit filing his directorial debut, “How to Catch a Monster.” Mojo in the Morning is known for pulling pranks and this time they used a guy named Doug, a Ryan Gosling look-a-like, with their ‘Lying Gosling’ prank.

They dressed Doug up donning a hoodie, t-shirt, and shades, and had him surrounded by security detail. They made him walk around town holding a Starbucks cup, and the fans were taking photos with him and hugging and kissing him on the cheek.

This is the effect of celebrity branding, that Ryan Gosling can endorse any product and because of his notoriety and status the public will look at him and judge whether to go to Starbucks more, or buy a piece of clothing he is wearing so they “feel” like they are closer to Ryan Gosling. Now based on that celebrities audience based on age and demographic that they attract, whether it’s mostly males or females or both determines how a company will endorse a famous person.

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