If you rewind the tape to 3 years ago, Steve Jobs was saying that Apple is not a software company, it’s a hardware company, and prides itself on partnerships with Google and other companies that do those things really well.

So what is happening at Apple now at the WWDC 2013, the changes are groundbreaking, but it’s nothing really new, it’s just stuff that’s already been invented and they are just recycling and making it better, kind of like how Samsung copied the Apple iPhone, and in some retrospect made it better, and the Android with Google, is rocking the house.

Instead of really innovating new technology like hardware, they made two videos, one to tell the audience that it takes a long time to make really cool things, and second one to show that interaction with the consumers. I like doers not talkers, either they are having trouble finding true innovation, or they need twice as much people and time to create something genius since Jobs has left.

And software updates are just that updates, not really ever in a keynote presentation, unless it was in new hardware announcement, like a new iPhone or iPad. So let’s take a peek, here is the overview of the WWDC 2013 with Tim Cook and his Apple team are reporting.

iOS X Mavericks – Finder Tabs, Finder Windows, Accelerated Scrolling, Maps for OS X and iBooks to the Mac

iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad – New interface, UGI, Slide Up To Lock, AirDrop, Camera and Siri Male Voice

iOS 7 In The Car – Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Chevy, Kia, Hyundai, and many others will be integrating this car’s touchscreen

iTunes Radio – Internet radio station, music streaming services integrated with iTunes, urging you to buy the song being listen

All these things are really cool, but Apple is late in delivering majority of these services, a iTunes Radio, as Pandora did this back in 2005, Jobs was still around, he did not flinch at this radio stream service at the time. The new iOS 7 for the iPhone and iPad, largely are copycat versions of the Microsoft Windows 8. Lastly, the iOS X Mavericks is a software edition update to the ever-growing iOS of Apple, was all this really necessary to launch and explain at national event such as WWDC 2013? Not really.

Now Apple has created a really high bar of standards of innovation, almost to the point of it being unreachable even by Apple’s standards, but I think they are struggling with the hardware development, in coming up with new innovative ideas that compel the user experience to continue it’s ongoing branding towards the consumers.

Some critics will say but the Mac Pro rocks, this is true, but the Mac Pro is not something everyone is going to run to the Apple Store to buy. Or they might say look at the user interface on the iOS 7 it rules, this is true, it shows an amazing technological advances in more user-ability on the devices, but really at WWDC?

I think Apple is turning their backs on what Steve Jobs build as a brand of Apple, the more and more errors they make (Apple Maps, iPhone 5, etc) the harder it is to come win back their consumers brand trust, experience and value.

Remember someone can always make a better Apple company, we would hate to see Steve Jobs hard work of passion and perseverance slip in between the fingers due to improper management and execution style.

Maintaining the core values of Apple, Inc that made it what it is today being a hardware company, but everyone has their heyday in the cycle of life. No one is on top forever, and everyone has their own window to shine for a brief moment. I love Apple it has changed the technology industry for how we communicate with each other, but the WWDC 2013 is lacking to Apple standards.

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