Everyone always wants to know whats the hidden secret to getting a thousand or even a million likes on Facebook? Also doing it organically and not on Fiverr.com where people can get you random likes from a fan base you will have no connection with your brand. The answer is creative humor content!

I am not saying you have to do a skit from Louis CK talking about flushing paint down a toilet (like above) and turning it into real art. So I tracked down some images and celebrities that went viral and became an internet hot topic overnight. Maybe if read in-between the lines you find a way to post something funny, risqué, quirky to gain more of a following on your Facebook page to get your thousands, millions or billions of likes on your status.

McKayla Maroney – “McKayla is not impressed” – During the 2012 Summer Olympics, Maroney after winning the silver medal was photographed on the medal podium while giving a brief look of disappointment with her lips pursed to the side, became an internet phenomenon and even posing with United States President Barack Obama. Maybe she a little bit hard on herself, but the next Olympics she will get the gold medal with new happy smirk on her face.

Petter Kverneng & Catherine Johansen – Two Norwegian 20 year-olds posted a picture on Facebook, where Catherine agreed to have sex with her friend zone guy, Peter if the picture got to a million likes. Well it worked, after it was posted to 4chan’s imageboard page, and got about 1.2 million likes on Facebook and the two one night standers plan to follow through with their agreement, happy sexting.

Valeria Lukyanova – She’s a Russian model that garnered internet fame for looking like a Barbie doll, it could be consider really good Adobe Photoshop or downright plastic surgery to the effects of Heidi Montag. Either way she got some notoriety for looking too perfect and downright comical at times. The Ukrainian “living doll” has earned millions of YouTube views, here she is without makeup on video, which I think she looks better without all the makeup on her face.

Lauren Francesca – She’s an American actress, model, musician, viral video comedian, and internet personality on YouTube, Lauren Francesca (picture shown above) has over 5.5 million video views, very proactive on social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube channel. She became an internet sensation when she begin appearing in videos for Barely Political with her parody of Lady Gaga, and CollegeHumor such as “The Six: Girls You Date In College” and has a huge fan following for her comedian persona.

Content, content, content. Creative humor content this is what creates that word-of-mouth advertising and marketing. The key is to do something that sparks a viral like behavior online and the audience personally connects to it on emotional or “real” level followed by a smile and a uncontrollable laughter. Then once you have your target audience there at your page and “liking” it, now you have to keep them there with follow up material with even more funny context.

Whatever you do, do not post a photo of yourself working at Wendy’s eating all the Frosty’s dubbing him the Wendy’s frosty licker photo, like this guy, he just got fired recently, which could be called funny, but corporate America says that’s a no-no sir.

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