Does social media help or hurt your business, that is the central question. Social media avenues such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all avenues that help consumers connect with their audience even more. I know strong brands that build their audience and viewership first and then engage on social media second, you need a following first before you can engage with them. I think all businesses should have their username for all the social media outlets whether there going to use the social media pages or not, such as If you have a clothing line like J.Crew, you pump out content relating to your clothing, pictures, articles or photoshoots, that sounds pretty easy.

How can social media be good for your business? What if your a law firm? How do you promote yourself on Facebook? You can write 160 characters about a well known case relating to your practice. Now what about pictures for the law firm? I mean how can a law firm use Instagram to build their following, if they don’t take pictures of their work or products? This is where social media has a snag, because certain businesses excel with some social media platforms while other platforms are useless or there is no content to give to the public. Pinterest is huge on word quotes and inspirational, motivational comments, but that seems to cater to teenie boppers and women, more then an audience looking or engaging with a law firm, right?

I say find your voice, brand, style, look, feel of your company, then build a flawless website, then push content through the blog portion. Then use the social media avenues to recruit clients such as the hashtag for Twitter, or Facebook advertising to really target your audience. Or use Instagram, if your a law firm of different pictures of courts your going to or meditation rooms, etc.

How can social media be bad for your business? Well if your clients are unhappy they are most likely to showcase their opinions on social media platform or page, and sometimes those clients or people that are not exactly the brightest individuals say funny or horrible things. However, sometimes they actually have a provable point so the business can excel in those comments and avenues. I believe that social media is not for every company, some companies social media efforts do better then others, not because they have better products but because their target audience uses social media regularly so those said companies can connect with their users better then others.

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