Roman Atwood’s Anniversary Backfires goes wrong on YouTube filming with his girlfriend while they were in Aruba on vacation. People seem to think you need elaborate videos to represent your brand and create word of mouth advertising, but really sometimes keep it simple stupid works the best in trying something completely new. Atwood probably didn’t even know that he was going get over 40 million views on YouTube and based on that traffic alone he is probably making really good Google AdSense money. Check out the Anniversary Prank Backfires video below.

With global brands you have to have a certain prestige to the video production, but once and awhile to do a viral video to create excitement for the younger audience would keep that brand in their minds for a longer period of time-frame. Roman used his webcam video as a video production, did not require an elaborate lighting or a video production studio in New York City or Manhattan to create an impact with his target audience.

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