Twitter has decided to roll out a redesign responsive web version of the service for it’s website development. They decided to launch a refreshed look for to reflect the look and feel of their iOS and Android apps so everything becomes full circle. The redesign looks way cleaner and simple, with tweets appearing on a white background.

The navigation bar has changed from black to white, with the icons looking more similar to iOS and Android formats. Another big feature is users can also modify the appearance of their profile, hopefully this doesn’t turn into a MySpace stance, and it creates a backlash. Twitter received a backlash when they modified their design of August of last year, when they changed the conversations portion of the timeline. Remember the age old rule, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. This is what happens when too many chefs are in the kitchen trying to put their stamp on something that is not beneficial for the user experience and target audience.

The biggest reason Twitter redesigned their website for a responsive mobile version is 60% of their users are logging on using a mobile device at least once a month. We will see if their is backlash from this current website redesign, and hopefully they got it right this time instead of spending capital just to spend capital, and not to create a result.

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