Building your brand identity online takes some serious thought. Especially a new brand or conception that hasn’t been created yet, it’s just in the brainstorming phases. This depends on two variables, first, whether this is a fresh startup business and never been started or second, whether this is an on-going business that already exist. Let’s discuss the first option, fresh startup business that’s never been started and you want to build your brand presence online, I will discuss how to build your brand online for an existing business later on.

First, I go to and use the thesaurus to see words that sound like the business idea I want to do and see if any those fit. Like for an example, I think of an idea and let’s say I want to start a coconut water business that you can sell online. I type in coconut and see if there are any words related to coconut, islands, tree, cocos, etc. Then if I find a word I like I go to and type it in. Normally they have a https, so databots cannot hack your domain name idea. But if you enter the proposed domain name in GoDaddy, it will be captured and most likely a domain name buyer will buy it and they will wait to see if you want to buy it from them for $1,000 bucks. OK so now you have the domain name and it’s available, hell yeah!

Secondly, I go to all the social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and see if the usernames of the domain name you chosen is available, if it is, sign up for all the social media marketing accounts you possibly can. Now if a username is not available check to see if it’s trademark at the USPTO office, if it isn’t, you can apply for a word trademark for $275 and once your application is in the USPTO legal heads, you can write to the social media companies legal department and asked for them to hand the username over to you since you’re going to own the mark.

Thirdly, you have to make a logo which is your brand identity, along with colors and taglines. Logos can be word marks, logo marks, or a cute little character icon like GEICO. The options for brand identity are limitless but I like to keep things simple motto. Lastly, you have to make a website that caters to your audience with the five main services that you offer. Even if you want to state you deliver 100 services, I would keep that as a long term strategy. So when your main five services take off, you can add the rest of the services later on, when you have revenue and cash flow coming in from various sources.

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