Every single brand such as Apple, Audi or Netflix has to have an effective digital storyteller since all audiences are engaged through digital platforms such as desktop websites, responsive websites, mobile apps, social media avenues and user experience. Its a brands job to tell their audience about the value proposition about the product or services by creating the story to move the customers along to the path of purchase aka conversion ratios.

First, figure who your target audience is lets say your a fitness trainer, so your audience will be people that want a personal training or fitness training in your area. Then you figure out what age bracket are you targeting and what ages exactly, also what are ages convert more into sales and continuous sales? Is it the 24-35 age group, is it more so the 45-65 age group that would engage with your services more so, and also if they are male or female, high class or middle class workers. All these things play a huge factor in who you want to target and what storytelling you want to showcase to them, so they use or buy your product.

Second, figure out what services you want to promote to your target audience, so let’s say personal training or fitness training in your area. You have to find your niche business that will how you stand out versus 100 other businesses out there. If your fitness trainer do you specialize in one area compared to your competitors? If so talk that service up. Or if your extremely passionate about a certain service and your capable of making it your own brand or services, you can showcase that as well.

Thirdly, now you have your target audience and that services that will be your niche business in fitness training. Up next you have to create a digital storytelling for your brand that engages with the user and walks them through the path of purchase. Such as a website, mobile application or an advertisement that showcases your abilities. Without having the correct tools to engage with your audience you might lose them entirely, because if your website user interface is poor, your not gonna get any traction or conversion. You gotta tell the story right and storytelling your brand should be very important how your audience views your services and your brand identity.