When you build a niche website business, it’s kinda like building a house. It needs to be planned out accordingly and since victory loves preparation, every detail counts. Building a niche business is the same way if you want it to be successful and create longevity. First thing I do is find a public demand on a certain service or topic that the general public wants to learn or know about and possibly purchase that very service from you. If people aren’t interested in what your topic is about your going to lose your followers. You have to create five topics your going to write about and continuously so your not bored out of your mind. If you are getting bored, your readers are probably falling asleep. That’s a picture of Instagram’s office in San Francisco.

I run a branding agency for small to medium businesses, so I looked around and didn’t see anyone creating content or a website about branding. So I filled that void if you will and write two articles a day about the all things relating to branding strategies or online advertising. Next part is the domain name or the name, to see if it’s available and if you can acquire the usernames on all the social media channels possible. After that you have to create a logo, website design and have proper ad placement on the website that your users will want to click on, so you can make some revenue stream. I am not a fan of pop up advertisements because they annoy me, so why would I put those ads onto my audience. Every niche business has taken off if you stick to one service and one platform to the likes of GoPro, Facebook and Instagram, they do one thing really well, build their audience and pretty much suck trying to do anything else.

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