Google is starting to make their Google Adwords more keyword friendly in the search engine marketing realm. You will be able to add Ad extensions, which can act as organic keywords or attention grabbers like “free shipping”, 24-hour customer service, or price matching. If your new to Google Adwords and like a freebie $75 once you spend $25 bucks, here’s the Google link. If your going to do Google Adwords I would suggest only doing $100 to $200 a month, and put down .50 cents a click and then monitor how much per click each keyword is going for and then increase the pay per click to $1.00 to $3.00, but nothing more then that price range. After a certain cost per click it doesn’t matter if your at $10 per click or $3 the results will be the same in your target demographic area.

More about Google callouts you can click here, it’s free, but you will be charged pay per click. Google has to make their 97% of their revenue somehow. Remember how I stated how to get your website ranking higher on Google Search engines previously, well these callout ad extension help with those keyword placements. Instead of putting the keywords in the ad, now you can just put them in the callout ad, so you can make your advert more search friendly.