Everyone knows their favorite chocolate company, Hershey associated with American chocolate. The company decided to announced a significant corporate rebranding that includes a new logo design and website development. Hershey believes that the new branding has created a “new, modern look and feel” for the company. The idea behind the new logo, according to Hershey, is to emphasize that the company now makes much more than just chocolate bars. The new look is supposed to convey Hershey’s “openness and transparency” while presenting the company as a “global confection and snack company.”


“Today we are much more than the ‘Great American Chocolate Bar,’” said Mike Wege, chief growth and marketing officer at Hershey. “We have an amazing portfolio of iconic brands in confectionery and snacking, a great workplace filled with remarkable people and a longstanding commitment to giving back to our communities. Our updated company brand and refreshed visual identity is an expression of our progression to a modern, innovative company that positively impacts our local communities as we continue to grow globally.” In addition to the new corporate logo of Hershey, it’s also rolling out the same effect for it’s variety of brands such as Reese’s and Jolly Rancher to create a more colorful and consistent look to its marketing materials.