So how do you rank your website higher on Google Search engine results, that seems to be the common question I get every single day. We have three types of online advertising methods we use one being search engine optimization, the second being display advertising through Google Adwords and last we use writing quality content articles or pages.

Lets look at search engine optimization for a moment, this is the process of using natural or unpaid organic search results traffic. How do I do this, from the pictures, title, and first sentence of that section I repeat the title but with different verbage or keywords that people are searching for on search engines. The title is what the user sees when searching the search engine. The image is what the user might search for on Google Images or Yahoo Images or Bing Images. The first two sentence in content section or article needs to have some keywords relating to the post, page or content. When you search for keyword, the first two sentence come up of the description of that page, and Google, Yahoo and Bing pulls it from the first two sentences of the article or page.

The second part is display advertising through Google Adwords through the big almighty Google. I would build your ad with a title grabber as the main title, and underneath using organic keywords that people searching for your keyword would find you on Google. Google links this up as well from organic keyword being search on the search engine to the keywords in the advertising campaign it’s pretty simple.

Lastly, is quality content, Google loves content and content is king. The more quality content you create on your website and blog Google will rank you higher as more people click your website URL on it’s search engine. This means you need to be active in writing your articles or blog, people love fresh content or newer content, especially Google. These are a few steps I take to make sure my client’s websites are getting proper search engine optimization methods and they are being ranked accordingly.

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