What is the Ello social network and is it a Facebook killer how MySpace turned dark within weeks. Facebook has changed so much in it’s evolution from the simplistic 5 page website it started in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room. That now Facebook has become more confusing and giving the users lesser and lesser control over privacy and data. There is not a doubt that once Facebook mastered their mobile advertising platforms it’s revenue took off like a rocket. Now there is a new start up called Ello, started by Paul Budnitz, which has acquired funding for $435,000 from the venture capital investor, FreshTracks Capital.

Much like online dating websites, without selling user data and never showing any advertisements, how are Ello planning to make any revenues. Those are the two most solid source of revenue for Facebook, without that Facebook would still be in the red, as Zuckerberg didn’t want to put ads on his website at all. This is coming from a guy that stole the idea from someone else and happen to make a billion dollar company out of it, that’s like hitting the lotto. But back to Ello, it gaining traction with over 35,000 sign ups an hour, I am wondering if its maintaining it’s stability of sign ups, or are people leaving once they are in the door. Ello has a horrible design, and unless they turn it around with how they are going to make revenues and a more engaging design, it will fall flat. Facebook will still be king.

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