Street Meat is the first ever television internet show that takes the real conceptions in undisclosed locations from celebrity interviews, comedy and a musical band at the ending of the segment. The thing that really sets Street Meat apart aside from its flamboyant and exotic nature is that its themed around a portion of the show called, “Go Tweet Yourself,” where people submit in Tweets about news relevant content that they want us to discuss.

They interviewed Phillip Chorba from Silver Linings Playbook and Walter Masterson from Llama Cop which was also featured on TMZ. Chorba talked about his role with Bradley Cooper from the Silver Linings Playbook and host Seth Panman asked various questions from the audiences tweets from Twitter. Masterson did a comedy skit of his own along side Panman tricked him into thinking a celebrity was going to appear if he appeared. Panman which is the host of Street Meat, is the going star throughout the trailer, he plays various characters and entertains the audience with the material he has been given.

This kind of change allows the show to constantly free and on the heels of anything that’s a moving part on the set. It’s truly a talk show on steroids, humor and definitely interesting topics that you will not be disappointed. Street Meat seems to be created with a focus on branding for sponsorship opportunities that rank in line with the content and is sure to be a driving force within the internet realms for a longtime.

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