How to create a better user experience for your target audience. Having a great user interface (UI) is probably one of the biggest importance of user experience. If the user interface is confusing and the user doesn’t know how to engage the website, application or product your trying to pitch you just lost them totally. User interface has to do with how the design is drafted out on the website or application. If there are clear call to actions and buttons then it will be clear that the user knows what to do and where to go while navigating your design.

The next part is it needs to be addictive with the data it presents, there has to be a reason for the user to keep coming back and checking the website, application or business model. Facebook uses the news feed, Instagram uses the photo feed, CNN uses the constant news, Apple uses their new innovate products, Tinder uses the yes or no method of liking profiles. Everyone has a source of information they are constantly updating to retain their users attention span. The final stage is it needs to be seamless, if the website is slow it starts aggravating users and they will not revisit the application. The cleaner the programming code is to develop the application the faster the user experience will be and they will want to keep checking it continuously like Tinder dating application module.

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