Before even figuring out how something works, we are all a victim to the design or structure of product, place or thing. From logos, web design to user experience these are all important phases when your reach out to your target audience.

Then comes the branding aspect, the colors, the icons, the logos, the feeling of the web presence and how it draws the user into the world your trying to create. Apple may have created the simplistic lifestyle long before anyone knew what they really wanted for a design. McDonald’s may have had the golden arches, and forever we will know who they are and what they do. But McDonald’s like all brands evolve over time, because change is constant. We all have and love those core values, but as the newer generation comes into play, they like things to be hip, cooler or trendy.

Design phases always tells the story of your brand, your company, your persona since the user is painting a picture in there head of your brand, making quick decisions whether to accept or discard your services. We are all constantly bombarded with advertising all day from television, youtube, magazines and billboards, everyones trying to get your attention to convert a sale. The question is, how are you going to be different, how are you going to make that connection with the user?

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