Google Rebrands Themselves Called Alphabet

As it seems Google is trying to turn into the Berkshires Hathaway of the internet. But the issue we see here is all of their pet projects are ventures that don’t many any income, infact they lose millions of dollars. Such as Calico, X Labs, Fiber, Google X are all money burners.

I think it’s smart that Google decided to buy a .xyz and rename themselves, rebranding, renaming is a huge statement for constant change in any business called Alphabet. Google is no different. But let’s keep in mind that Google is intact an online advertising company, 98% of their income comes from (wink, wink) Google AdSense and Google Adwords, their advertising platform.

Now what are Google’s biggest money drivers? Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome, and Android. Keep in mind, they bought the technology for YouTube and Android, they did not in-fact create it by any means whatsoever. Google Maps works off of Google Search thats a no brainer, and Chrome, if your gonna be the number search engine might as well have your own browser. This is not rocket science, here. So when Google keeps it all online and either add on what people want or better yet buys it with their boatloads of cash, that stock goes up.

Now, Alphabet, I only hope they do more in their real wheelhouse that made them money. Try being innovative with 10 billion dollars a year and over 57,000 employees, somehow they cannot crank out internet one hit wonders like clubby music tracks to guarantee some cashflow like a Miley Cyrus jams.

Everything Is Design

Before even figuring out how something works, we are all a victim to the design or structure of product, place or thing. From logos, web design to user experience these are all important phases when your reach out to your target audience.

Then comes the branding aspect, the colors, the icons, the logos, the feeling of the web presence and how it draws the user into the world your trying to create. Apple may have created the simplistic lifestyle long before anyone knew what they really wanted for a design. McDonald’s may have had the golden arches, and forever we will know who they are and what they do. But McDonald’s like all brands evolve over time, because change is constant. We all have and love those core values, but as the newer generation comes into play, they like things to be hip, cooler or trendy.

Design phases always tells the story of your brand, your company, your persona since the user is painting a picture in there head of your brand, making quick decisions whether to accept or discard your services. We are all constantly bombarded with advertising all day from television, youtube, magazines and billboards, everyones trying to get your attention to convert a sale. The question is, how are you going to be different, how are you going to make that connection with the user?

How To Create A Better User Experience

How to create a better user experience for your target audience. Having a great user interface (UI) is probably one of the biggest importance of user experience. If the user interface is confusing and the user doesn’t know how to engage the website, application or product your trying to pitch you just lost them totally. User interface has to do with how the design is drafted out on the website or application. If there are clear call to actions and buttons then it will be clear that the user knows what to do and where to go while navigating your design.

The next part is it needs to be addictive with the data it presents, there has to be a reason for the user to keep coming back and checking the website, application or business model. Facebook uses the news feed, Instagram uses the photo feed, CNN uses the constant news, Apple uses their new innovate products, Tinder uses the yes or no method of liking profiles. Everyone has a source of information they are constantly updating to retain their users attention span. The final stage is it needs to be seamless, if the website is slow it starts aggravating users and they will not revisit the application. The cleaner the programming code is to develop the application the faster the user experience will be and they will want to keep checking it continuously like Tinder dating application module.

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How To Get Your Username On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest If It’s Taken

How to get your username on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus or Pinterest if it’s already taken and what can you do to get it back. So you thought of that perfect business name and you check all the social media accounts and some are taken and some are not. What can you do to get them back? First I make a list of the ones I have versus on the ones I don’t have already made. Then I go to the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and check for a trademark search and see if anyone else owns the name outright for the services that you’re doing for your business.

If there isn’t a trademark on file, the I recommend applying for a trademark, it cost $275 through LegalZoom and you get a registration number in a PDF file from the USPTO. Now you can contact the social media legal department for copyright infringement of your trademark by putting in your registration number. I listed the links below for each social media copyright legal department contact form.

Facebook Copyright/Trademark Legal Department Form

Twitter Copyright/Trademark Legal Department Form

Instagram Copyright/Trademark Legal Department Form

Pinterest Copyright/Trademark Legal Department Form

Google Plus Copyright/Trademark Legal Department Form

Now 99% of the time you will get a reply stating Facebook, Instagram, etc will handover the username account that you want to you, but this will probably take two to three months to process. You need to have an active business, brick and mortar and/or a website presence to be taken seriously. Also, you need to email using your domain name, such as or something of that effect, it cannot be from a gmail, yahoo or hotmail email account.

Laura McKittrick Is The Greenwich Girl For Branding Her Magazine

In a short period of time Laura McKittrick has been able to build her following of her famous The Greenwich Girl magazine to an enormous following on her website and social media avenues. The Greenwich Girl is a luxury lifestyle brand and magazine helm from the infamous posh and elite community of Greenwich, Connecticut.

One of main aspects of branding is marketing and creating partnerships, like Apple does with various vendors, McKittrick has accomplished this same feat with local trendy businesses of Greenwich Avenue such as Carlo’s Bake Shop, Dream Spa & Salon and Greenwich Polo Club among other businesses as well.

The magazine has over 25,000 unique readers, and of that 90 percent of their target audience are women ages 25 to 47 in which the magazine is growing every year. What makes The Greenwich Girl very unique is that it has a blogging presence along with a full scale magazine with various articles on beauty, fashion along with anything up and coming. If you happen to live in Greenwich, for three months last year, the first thing drivers saw upon entering Connecticut via the chronically congested Mill Street corridor was the face of Greenwich Girl brand, showcasing her magazine on a billboard.

McKittrick knows how to brand herself and get her image out towards the public. We recommend, The Greenwich Girl and Laura McKittrick is the go to magazine and person, to get advice on where to shop, what to eat, and who to meet in Greenwich CT.

Street Meat Interviews Phillip Chorba From Silver Linings Playbook

Street Meat is the first ever television internet show that takes the real conceptions in undisclosed locations from celebrity interviews, comedy and a musical band at the ending of the segment. The thing that really sets Street Meat apart aside from its flamboyant and exotic nature is that its themed around a portion of the show called, “Go Tweet Yourself,” where people submit in Tweets about news relevant content that they want us to discuss.

They interviewed Phillip Chorba from Silver Linings Playbook and Walter Masterson from Llama Cop which was also featured on TMZ. Chorba talked about his role with Bradley Cooper from the Silver Linings Playbook and host Seth Panman asked various questions from the audiences tweets from Twitter. Masterson did a comedy skit of his own along side Panman tricked him into thinking a celebrity was going to appear if he appeared. Panman which is the host of Street Meat, is the going star throughout the trailer, he plays various characters and entertains the audience with the material he has been given.

This kind of change allows the show to constantly free and on the heels of anything that’s a moving part on the set. It’s truly a talk show on steroids, humor and definitely interesting topics that you will not be disappointed. Street Meat seems to be created with a focus on branding for sponsorship opportunities that rank in line with the content and is sure to be a driving force within the internet realms for a longtime.

How To Pick A Name For Your Business Idea

How to create a name for your business which is the hardest part of creating any brand identity. I discuss here about how to build your brand online. I am a big fan of the name of the business has to signify what your trying to deliver to your audience.

So for instance Twitter, is tweeting a message to fans by way of a bird, but really your texting it through an mobile application. Facebook, is a book of faces, it’s a social media element for people to connect. How Sean Parker shorten to just, minds are blown and an idea is formed. Another pathway is my branding agency, I realized that more and more clients came to us wanting to refresh, relook or rebrand their image. So I created Rebrandery, rebranding companies one step at a time. I love it and passionate about it.

First, you have to decide if this is a modern company, old-fashion, trendy, hipster, what audience are you trying to attract to your business. If it’s a law firm, you have to go with last names. Or if your goal is to attract all audiences then, shorter the name the better, like Fiverr, Uber, something with two words together like Dropbox or Trader Joe’s. Sometimes getting a single word as a business name much less a domain name can be difficult.

Second, you have to decide if this is going to professional, creative or artistic kind of business or name. Once you have an area of services your providing then you can figured out what you can call your business. Kinda like does for reservations like website. When you have an idea if your business is going to be professional, creative or artistic, then you can create the storytelling or the brand of that business, the backbone of the reputation, success, feeling the user gets when they get to your website, business or location.

Thirdly and lastly, your business name cannot sound like another business, or much less another word, so if a user types in the computer they get confused how to spell it. I mean we have Google Search for that but still, you want to make sure you connect with the audience that is trying to find you online in the world wide web.

How To Create A Logo For Your Business

So how to create a logo for your business. Logos I think set the tone of the business that your creating. There are all kinds of logos from a wordmark, pictorial mark, letterform mark, emblem mark, character mark, and lastly a web 2.0 mark. But again I think logos have to follow that same craft of either being professional, creative or artistic. Logos give the user a feeling the minute they see the logo with their eyes, either they are attracted to the design and it’s catchy, or they read it and look at something else.

Sometimes logos have hidden meanings in them, like the arrow in the FedEx logo, or the Toyota emblem logo can spell out Toyota piece by piece like a puzzle. Or maybe that Pepsi spent $1 million dollars redoing their logo in 2008, while spending over hundreds of millions to market their new brand logos to all their Pepsi products.

Wordmark Logo – A wordmark consists of the company name in a stylized type and may include small abstract or pictorial elements. Like Amazon, Microsoft, FedEx, etc.

Pictorial Mark – A pictorial mark uses literal or representative imagery to symbolize the brand. Like Apple, NBC, USPS, Jaguar, etc.

Abstract Mark – Uses abstract shapes and symbols to convey an idea or attribute about the organization. Like Mercedes, Sprint, Audi, Olympics, etc.

Letterform Mark – Typically uses a very small amount of letters (1-2) to represent the organization. Like the YMCA, Chanel, CK, Louis Vuitton, etc

Emblem Mark – An emblem features the name of the company typically enveloped by a pictorial element or shape. Kinda like Starbucks, Ferrari, Versace, all have emblems as their marks.

Character Mark – A Character logo consists of a mascot to represent the brand. Character illustrations are extremely time intensive and usually cost the most money. Like Elmer’s, Aunt Jemima, Geico, etc.

Web 2.0 Mark – Although there is no official description of “Web 2.0” logos, some common elements can include: vibrant colors, subtle 3d feel, bold type, color transitions, and shadows.

I have always said logos and brand identity go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sometimes logos can be shockingly different which creates bad press, but sometimes I can be a smooth transition of how people feel about that particular brand. Logos are different for every business and they mean different things to different audiences of those businesses. Sometimes it’s a fun logo like Amazon with a smile from the A to the Z, and sometimes it’s direct like Dell.

What Is Ello Social Network

What is the Ello social network and is it a Facebook killer how MySpace turned dark within weeks. Facebook has changed so much in it’s evolution from the simplistic 5 page website it started in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room. That now Facebook has become more confusing and giving the users lesser and lesser control over privacy and data. There is not a doubt that once Facebook mastered their mobile advertising platforms it’s revenue took off like a rocket. Now there is a new start up called Ello, started by Paul Budnitz, which has acquired funding for $435,000 from the venture capital investor, FreshTracks Capital.

Much like online dating websites, without selling user data and never showing any advertisements, how are Ello planning to make any revenues. Those are the two most solid source of revenue for Facebook, without that Facebook would still be in the red, as Zuckerberg didn’t want to put ads on his website at all. This is coming from a guy that stole the idea from someone else and happen to make a billion dollar company out of it, that’s like hitting the lotto. But back to Ello, it gaining traction with over 35,000 sign ups an hour, I am wondering if its maintaining it’s stability of sign ups, or are people leaving once they are in the door. Ello has a horrible design, and unless they turn it around with how they are going to make revenues and a more engaging design, it will fall flat. Facebook will still be king.