Behind each word is a story, we are storytellers. A brand must stand for something that connects with your target audience. Being not only different, but having a genuine purpose, takes careful consideration and preparation.

Here we are writing this thing of a paragraph. What we are writing is in a certain “writer voice” to engage you, the user. It’s more of a real comedic approach, to try to connect you with what the key messages saying about my first book ever. This is so not a paragraph, it’s a few sentences but if I just keep writing. It might just turn into a paragraph so, here we go!

Here is the first one, it’s pretty lonely and expensive, but it’s my first one ever so that has to mean something. It might be valuable one day, not today but maybe in a few years. The next one will be about branding and that one will be catering more to all things branding of a business, Brand Casher.

So in the last few years sometime while I was kinda inspired I started to write this thing called a book about life experiences and what to do and how to do things on different topics. It started with a few chapters like financial planning and building a niche business and then it got into fifteen chapters of way to much stuff. So I made a website for it and put it on iTunes, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, does anyone buy from Barnes and Noble anymore?

I don’t think anyone knows about it, but someday someone will find it and be like I want this book on how to do various topics for 9 small bucks. I’ll continue to follow the model of keeping my price as far down as possible, not over marketing or emails to you with “buy my book boring ads”, keeping as few people between you and me as possible in the transaction.